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Fabada recipe in slow cooker

Fabada (In Slow Cooker)

Perfect winter confort with white beans that melt in your mouth.



  • 500 g faba asturiana cannellini or other large white beans would work too
  • Compango:
  • 2 Morcillas Spanish black pudding, could be substituted for an artisanal onion black pudding
  • 2 Chorizos
  • 150 g Tocino y Lac√≥n substitutes a thick piece of bacon or pancetta



  • Soak the beans overnight (10-12 hours) and put them in the slow cooker together with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Cover with water, one finger above the beans.
  • Cook on low for 8 hours, check the beans and if they are not soft enough leave them longer. Check every 30 min (depends on the type of bean).
  • Take the ceramic pot from the slow cooker and move it in circles so the content mixes a bit. IMPORTANT: do not stir with a spoon, the beans might break.
  • Cut up the meats on bite site pieces and serve.