Spanish Recipes

Do you want to make your own Cabello de Ángel? Check out this recipe! "Cabello de Ángel" is a traditional
Liver and onions
Who doesn't like liver and onions! Liver is an incredible nutricious food that provides you with folate, iron, vitamin B,
Beer Chicken Stew Recipe
This beer chicken stew might be the laziest chicken recipe of all times. And I am not exagerating. Important, make
Cod stuffed peppers
Stuffed piquillo peppers is probably one of my favorite classic Spanish dishes. I still don't know why is not as
I never thought that making yogurt could be so easy! The only thing is that for this recipe I've used
I love persimmons and I love chocolate, what could go wrong? There are a few recipes of similar desserts going
This Thermomix olive oil magdalenas recipe is totally fail proof. They are a soft, lemony piece of heaven! They are
Tortas de aceite is a quite traditional Spanish sweet, and there is a brand that makes the best ones: Ines
Easy dinner, you only need to control the timing. I love oven dinners for weekdays, because it allows me to
Eggs are such a versatile option, they just go well with whatever is available in the fridge! In this case