Spanish Recipes

Beer Chicken Stew Recipe
This beer chicken stew might be the laziest chicken recipe of all times. And I am not exagerating. Important, make
Cod stuffed peppers
Stuffed piquillo peppers is probably one of my favorite classic Spanish dishes. I still don't know why is not as
I never thought that making yogurt could be so easy! The only thing is that for this recipe I've used
I love persimmons and I love chocolate, what could go wrong? There are a few recipes of similar desserts going
They are a soft, lemony piece of heaven! They are similar to the french cousin madeleine, but they have no
Disclaimer: they can be addictive. Tortas de aceite is a quite traditional Spanish sweet, and there is a brand that
Easy dinner, you only need to control the timing. I love oven dinners for weekdays, because it allows me to
Eggs are such a versatile option, they just go well with whatever is available in the fridge! In this case
This is a sweet that is typical from Galicia and cooked during "Entroido" (Carnival). In Italy they have a similar
Roscón de Reyes is by far my favorite Christmas sweet recipe. Traditionally is served the night of the 5th or